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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  August 30, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> and you said you got some feelings. >> i will keep that to myself. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute irene's aftermath is still wreaking havoc on the washington region. thousands remained in the dark this morning. and schools have been forced to close. four-o'clock 30 no on tuesday august 30. i am s cynee simpson. >> and i. m. scott thuman -- i am scott thuman. >> now the biggest issue remains the widespread power outages that led to school closings. schools are closed in anne arundel, calvert, and st. mary's
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county. classes resume in charles and print howard county. there are isolated schools were classes may not be held or were students may be relocated. the complete list is at the top of your screen. you can click on the school closings tab at >> now let's go to traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a minute. let's begin with adam caskey. we had a couple of nice days in a row. how does that look for today? another great day, a perfect day. it could be a lot hotter, but it is not. the humidity will remain in check and temperatures will be near average in the mid 80's this afternoon. take a look at our satellite. some clouds to the south east of us towards the tidewater and north carolina. north carolina getting more showers at this time.
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a lot of sunshine today . comfortable as well. 54 and frederick. 64 in the district. open up the windows . 84 for the high temperature. the same story tomorrow, but a few degrees warmer. how is the commute. it is still good. do not have any major problems to report. they did a lot of overnight construction, particularly on the virginia side. we are looking at 270 traffic out of frederick through clarksburg to and from the american legion bridge good for drivers of tysons corner as well. at university boulevard, they did some overnight construction. we go on over to the area of the beltway at andrews air force base and branch avenue. we wind down the tour with a look at traffic -- that camera is out of commission because of the power outage. here we are for traffic at the eastern shore.
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more to come on the traffic side. now back to news. those power outages affecting traffic cameras and homes. people across our region are waking up in the dark. >> pepco reports that 201, 000 customers are out of power. the problems are worse for bge 258,000 still without electricity. horace homes has the latest on the power situation. >> 36 hours without power for fred and ruth. they sit and talk by candlelight outside of their northwest hall. >> it is romantic. after 60 years what you expect? >> another night in the dark, even though pepco says they are coming here next. crews have not touched this big tree that toppled over in a storm and knocked out power on the street. >> hopefully it will be on by the weekend. >> meantime, a couple blocks
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away, on yuma street, an army of crews are sawing and fixing lines. >> i would imagine it would be on tomorrow >> those east of 95 by friday. >> the only light he is seeing in his home is the light from his battery powered radio. >> no tv, the internet, no telephone, i cannot cook. i am living out of a cooler with my mother. >> cindy bowman and her husband and her sister and her two kids. >> trying to get my kids ready for school was not fun. >> they are uncomfortable. >> we keep getting the runaround when we call the emergency number. it is time for that tree to go and power to come back on. >> the power outages and the
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destruction has led to a growing death toll. 38 people in 11 states have died from irene. they include one in maryland and four in virginia. a candlelight vigil will be held saturday night for a manassas park teenager was killed in the hurricane. the 15-year-old died in a car accident in north carolina. the car collided with another after the storm knocked out traffic signals at an intersection. she was a student at manassas park high school. >> this young lady touched a lot of lives, she really did. that is one of the things people are coming to grips with. >> she was fully of joy. >> moralez sang in the schools' choir. >> the vigil is said for 8:00 p.m.. it has been 1 weeks since an earthquake jolted our area, and
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last night an aftershock was felt in and around hosni mubamineral, virginia. they are sending more inspectors to be lake anna nuclear plan. we are following a developing story involving javaris crittenden. he plans to surrender to police this morning. he disappeared after woman was shot while walking with to do other men. he played for the washington wizards last year and was suspended by the nba after he brought guns into the locker room. we will find out where things stand with efforts to reconcile burial records at arlington national cemetery. a task force has done a fully
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accounting of those records. federal investigators will lay out the cause of last year's massive pipeline blast in california. 8 people died and dozens more were injured when a natural gas pipeline exploded near san francisco. dozens of homes were damaged or destroyed. investigators said there were flaws with the pipeline. we are talking business. the tax man cannot touch and run's -- enron's former ceo. let's go live to linda bell at clyburn headquarters. >> good morning. on wall street, investors getting the latest reports on home prices in 20 u.s. cities. the data for may showed a decline in all the cities with the exception of d.c. we get consumer confidence numbers of little before the opening bell.
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the recent rally for stocks may take a hit if economists will show that confidence sunk to the lowest level in 10 months. we have stock index futures indicating a lower open. kenntheth lay. the deceased ceo defeated the irs. the agency has been trying to collect $4 million from his a state. lay, and the company's former ceo, were found guilty of deceiving shareholders back in 2006. this may seem hard to believe but ipad could cost you more than a big screen tv. details in the next hour. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters i am linda bell. thank you. 4:38 now. just 60 degrees. irene left a lasting footprint
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in our region. then all local resort town vows to be back in business for the upcoming holiday weekend. but first another
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4:41 on this tuesday
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morning. >> adam caskey is keeping an eye on things. >> a comfortable morning on this tuesday morning. good news for folks with the power. it is comfortably cool out there and not too humid. montgomery village 65 degrees. 67 in ashburn. 57 and shepherd's town. a good morning to open those windows. the dewpoint indicates low humidity levels. 56 in rockville. a pleasant start to the day. 84 the high-tech the to this afternoon. hardly a cloud out there. tomorrow, a few patchy clouds. still a sunny day, a little bit warmer and 86 for the high temperature. low and humidity. there could be a mountain shower wednesday night into thursday morning. the weekend has a chance of storms. more lights are coming back on line as the power is being
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restored. you know what is happening in your area, but as you venture out to work you do not know what is happening around you. we will give you the green light as far as travel on the major roads. no problems to report -- beltway or interstate travel, 66, 95, overnight construction put to bed. in and out of baltimore has been uneventful on 95 and f295. no worries on route four and route 5 and d.c. to 95 open. 60 degrees outside. coming up, it was scary people coming in and testing the water. >> extraordinary stories and images of irene's power. plus,
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welcome back to "good morning washington". we check our top stories. hurricane irene is long gone. but some people have been without electricity since saturday. crews are trying to restore power as quickly as possible. pepco hopes to have power restored by thursday night. fema could have trouble paying for hurricane irene and other disasters. the disaster relief fund is running low. it focus is now on helping
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hurricane victims. the justice department refusing to release memorandum is that the bush administration used to justify the wiretapping program. it is withholding two memos. cynee in addition to widespread problems, the biggest issue from hurricane irene remains power outages and school closing. schools in anne arundel, howcalvert and st. mary's are closed. that list can be seen just by clicking on the school closings tab at 4:47 now. the problem is due to irene r.
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lingering and growing. there is massive flooding, thousands without power. a long road to recover from new jersey to vermont. jay korff shows us a closer look at the damage left behind. >> these storms unstoppable push up the eastern seaboard has been a humbling show of force. relentless rain has turned waterways into weapons of destruction. in north carolina, it looks like irene chewed roads before moving on to approve homes. in vermont raging rivers bulldozed iconic covered bridges and even took a chrysler for wild ride. >> we have seen so many heartbreaking stories we need all the help we can get. >> historic flooding has isolated a dozen communities. towns and homes are no island. >> the tremor was surrounded. there were not able to get a boat to it -- the trailer is
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surrounded. >> millions are still without power and dozens are dead. >> it will take time to recover from a storm of this magnitude. the effects of still being felt across much of the country. >> during the height of irene's wrath he pulled his sons to safety as part of their bedroom was crushed by a falling tree. >> i felt i was in a jet plane that was crushing. >> in new jersey, and national guard vehicles somehow drove through the flood waters. jay korff for abc 7 news. an extensive cleanup is under way along the chesapeake bay shoreline. some neighborhoods in calvert county look a little bit like a war zone. the storm damage or destroy houses buildings, fences, and boards. several horses died there. a huge tree fell into this home in chesapeake beach, nearly
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killing a couple inside. >> my mother was standing with ed piece of dry wall on top of her. my father was impaled on the end of the couch. >> many homes are still without power. residents told is that they were told a few days to a couple of weeks for power restoration. and ocean city, crews were out in full force yesterday to get the beach town cleaned up before labor day. crews used shovels to push stand back to the beach. they hope to restore the vacation spot for labor day weekend. some people in howard county infected by hurricane irene 0--- this morning, the county, the750 meals to families with of power. the distribution center will open at 9:00 this morning. a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held for the new
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braddock road and little river turnpike bbridge. the ceremony will take place at 10:00 a.m. on the appetit trail -- on the occateague trail. the marc center is now complete. it will host 6400 defense workers as part of the brac realignment plan. it beat the september 15 deadline. it is almost a linear feet -- 2 millinoon feet. it is near seminary road. we have the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey joins us. >> i just realized in my recent, newly updated graphic that i need to update my quickcast because we have our 11th named
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storm of the year. >> fantastic. >> tropical storm kathy. it is going to take a westerly path. should this become a threat to the east coast, it probably would be within the next 11-15 days. it is something we will keep a close eye on. look how far away it is from us now -- 3500 miles east of ocean city. this could be a big major hurricane, category 3 by sunday at 2:00 a.m. now locally, close to home, we have clear skies with the exception of lower southern maryland the tidewater area. north carolina is getting some shower action, which is not what they need. we are starting in the 50's and outlying areas. 54 in frederick and gaithersburg. 59 and culpeper.
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on their way to 84 this afternoon with loaded the. tomorrow, a few degrees warmer, but low humidity. it is moving nicely around the beltway and interstate. we do not have any major accidents. they are moving over the construction barrels. we will take you to some of the traffic center cameras. the beltway at university bo boulevard looks good. we take you to virginia on 95, moving well. in to springfield, on their way to newington and the pentagon. this is the george washington parkway north of reagan national. oepnpen is rock creek parkway and the strike. it is 60 degrees outside this tuesday morning. >> this is a guilty favored from many of us. i can admit this. who will compete on "dancing with the stars"? this lineup is
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welcome back. it is rare that we get to see cynee simpson this excited about a story but the new season is a few weeks away. we are talking about "dancing with the stars", and now we know who will compete on the next edition. >> are you trying to say i was not this excited about hurricane irene? here's the cast. all right attorney and legal analyst nancy grace. reality tv star kristin
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cavalleri ricki lake and chynna phillips. >> also competing is the u.s. soccer goalie hope solo. david arquette and rob kardashian. >> and carson kressley j.r. martinez son of sonny and cher, chaz bono, and los angeles laker, ron artest. my big question is will chaz have a female partner? the new season begins on september 19. yes, marker calendar. >> a lot of issues among a group. >> we have a very interesting past this season. this is worth tuning in for.
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four-o'clock 47, 60 degrees outside. it is redskins cut down day. there are still low calls on the starting quarterback. plus we have a r ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, won't
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